Health And Healing Energy Bundle


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Health and Healing Energy Bundle


We talked about our “Health and Healing Energy Bundle” in our “How To Meditate” video on our Youtube Channel. In that video, we discussed how, after listening to a meditation, if you later listened to the same music, it would take you back to the energy of the meditation. Sometimes we don’t have time for meditating on the fly and if we could just listen to music, it would be more convenient.

With this in mind, we bundled these three products together for those working on improving their health and physical well-being:


  • You have the Improve Health Meditation which is great for listening to while you’re walking. Even on a treadmill you will find the time passes quickly.
  • For days when you don’t have time to stop for the meditation, you have the same background music, with the frequencies, in a one hour version. (285Hz, 432Hz + Alpha)
  • For the days when you don’t even want frequencies, you have the original version of Health and Healing Energy music, without added frequencies. This is a 10 minute version for a quick pick me up.

Guided Meditations Make Starting Meditation Easy


This bundle was created as a great starting point for people who want to begin meditating, or to make their walks or runs more enjoyable.  Meditating need not always involve staring at candle flames nor even sitting or laying down. There are active meditations, walking meditations, all sorts of guided meditations and even laughing meditations.

Many people may not realize that they spontaneously meditate without even knowing it.

We hope you will enjoy getting started on a new adventure with this package of different meditation tools. We’d love hear your feedback on this bundle as we are confident it will make you want to get moving!

Please  wear headphones to experience the binaural in the guided meditation and the one hour music track. Both contain Alpha wave binaural beats.

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