Shining Your Light Meditation


Product Description

Shining Your Light Meditation with Delta 432Hz is a relaxing Guided Mediation perfect to drift off to sleep with.


Shining Your Light Meditation, is calming and gentle. This music is tuned to the frequency of 432Hz, and  it contains Binaural Beats in the Delta Wave frequency range. We created this lovely meditation to help you relax and heal. Immerse yourself into this healing meditation at night when you need some  positive reinforcement after a hard day. Relax as the gentle voice guides you through the first 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of music to help you drift off to sleep.

We know how difficult it can be some days to just practice self-love. And putting yourself first can lead to resentment, unhappiness, or judgment from others. We created ‘Shining Your Light Meditation’ to provide comfort and remind you that you are simply making the best choices for you. You are not responsible for how others are feeling. The path of personal growth means each person taking responsibility for making themselves happy.

Please use headphones to fully experience the benefits of the Delta Wave binaural beats. It is best to listen to this track before bed, as the Delta frequency range promotes rejuvenation and deep, restorative sleep.

432Hz – The Heartbeat of the Planet


432Hz positively affects your heart chakra, bringing emotional and mental clarity and openness. 432 Hz supports spiritual growth and we chose it for this meditation to remind you of your own spiritual essence. Allow 432 Hz, ro help you recognize when you are being weighed down by the energies of others. The Delta frequency range also supports the immune system and natural healing as you sleep.

‘Shining Your Light Meditation’  is a valuable tool helping anyone struggling with self-love and the reactions of others. It not only reminds you to love yourself, but guides you through the process. It helps you understand that as you value yourself more, and this realization alone can be life-changing.

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