On Valentines Day, when so many people spend time with a partner, it can be really hard for those who spend it alone. As singles, thoughts of what you don’t have flood into your mind as you watch others around you, enjoying the day with a loved one. Ads on TV for jewelry and gifts etc…it can be really hard for some people.
Whether you’re a busy parent, an over-worked professional, a student, or a retiree – I know all of you can relate to my morning today. Let’s learn how five minutes can reset your entire day.
Hi, I’m Vicki and I’m the co-creator of Self Love Focus with Sue, whom I met while going through a major transformation in my life. 
As you start to look at your life, you question whether you are content within yourself. What you usually ask yourself is whether you are happy. For most of you, if you are honest, the answer will be no, or that at least in some areas you could be happier. We can all relate to that.
It is so important to understand that how we perceive things is what determines the experiences that we have in life, and therefore what determines our truth. It is also worth mentioning here that one person’s truth is not the same as everyone else’s truth. It can be quite a shock to discover that what you perceive as truth, may not necessarily be the only truth.
Raised by a single mother in a foreign country, I know first hand the definition of “sacrifice”. My parents divorced when I was a young kid and my mother made a conscious decision not to remarry until my sister and I were grown up and moved out of the house. Beautiful, intelligent, and full of life, my mother spent her best years raising us completely alone, struggling financially and emotionally to keep it all together.

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