Improve Health Meditation with Alpha


Product Description

Improve Health Meditation with Alpha is a powerful & enjoyable audio healing session.

Designed to help you improve your overall health and well-being. This is a 50 minute track of music, the Guided Meditation part is shorter. You can stop anytime it feels right. Do not overdo things.

Listen to this guided meditation as you walk, run, or do light exercise outdoors. This is an Active Meditation. Suitable for walking, running, or whilst using exercise machines (although it does encourage you to connect with nature).

Because it was created to help you get back on the road to better health after sickness, injury or surgery, we infused this product with 3 healing influences. Please use headphones to reap the healing benefits of Alpha Binaural beats.

This Guided Meditation is Infused with:


  • Alpha brainwave frequencies, which have been shown to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety. Alpha brings better awareness of the bigger picture, enhancing positivity
  • 285 Hz to rejuvenate your mind and body. It boosts your energy levels, well being, and enhances cellular regeneration, perfect after sickness or injury.
  • 432 Hz is soothing, bringing mental & emotional clarity. Encouraging openness, and helping you connect with the Universe (& nature!)

The alpha frequency is a natural frequency of the brain, and it is often associated with a state of relaxation and calm. Let the Alpha waves help increase your confidence that things will improve.

Get moving again with the lively music and soothing healing frequencies.  Once you start with this, you may find it hard to stop! This meditation is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being, and it is particularly helpful for those who may be feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. Sometimes, believing that you can get better is the most important factor in recovery. This meditation will help enhance that positive attitude.

Whether you are looking for a new perspective on your walks or runs, or want to improve your health and well-being, “Improve Health Meditation with Alpha” is a powerful and effective audio healing session that can help you achieve your goals.

So get out there, move your body, and let the healing sounds and frequencies of this guided meditation work their magic on your mind and body.

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