Calming Aum Flowing Om


Product Description

The combination of Gamma, Alpha, and Theta brainwaves in this track makes it ideal for learning, focus, and creativity, while the inclusion of the 136.1 Hz frequency of Om, often chanted in meditation, creates a calming and balanced connection to the universe.

This track also includes isochronic tones at 136.1 Hz and Gamma binaural beats, encoded in the synthesizer and bells, for an immersive brainwave entrainment experience.

Wear headphones to fully experience the benefits of the binaural beats.

Suitable for use in meditation, creative inspiration, studying, work, yoga, and relaxation.

In addition – it also has 136.1 which is the frequency of Om, often chanted in meditation. Just that chanting is a learning journey for those who use it. When Monks chant “Om”, they are not only chanting the word, but also trying to hit the right frequency in their chant. The frequency of Om – 136.1Hz

WOW Factor!

  • Carrier Frequency: 136.1 Hz
  • Carrier Frequency Purpose: Balance, Calming, Relaxing, Grounding, Connection to the Whole and Higher Consciousness
  • Isochronic Tone: 136.1 Hz
  • Binaural Beats: Alpha 12-8 Hz Gradually Moving to Theta 8-4 Hz, Gamma Encoded in Synth and Bells
  • Binaural Beats Purpose: Helps Enter Flow State- Relaxed Focus, Creativity, Engaged, Peak Performance
  • 70 BPM

Another amazing product from Kara Square / Thinkroot Meditation at Thinkroot Records


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