Clear Ancestral Karma


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Clear Ancestral Karma: Healing 528 Hz Solfeggio Music for DNA Repair


Clear Ancestral Karma is a powerful combination of the Solfeggio tones 528 Hz and 741 Hz. This stunning track has the power to heal your DNA, reduce stress, and promote a positive attitude.

We’ve created this audio healing session to help strengthen the connection between the spirit and the physical self. The tones in this track can repair your DNA at the epigenetic level to heal future generations.

This lovely track features gentle piano melodies laid atop a stunning landscape of orchestral swells. With Clear Ancestral Karma, you’ll feel uplifted, focused, and powerful in your self-healing journey. What’s more, you’ll repair your DNA for the good of generations to come.

You may enjoy listening in the morning as you journal, have coffee, or meditate. Another option might be to listen to this track as you work, study, or exercise. The important thing is that you surrender to the music and allow it to do its work.

This track incorporates the following frequencies:

Solfeggio Miracle Tone 528 Hz 

  • 528 Hz frequency aids in self-transformation, DNA repair, self-love, clarity, peace, and confidence. Due to the power to heal DNA, 528 Hz frequencies are an effective tool for clearing ancestral karma.

Ancestral karma is the idea that karma can be passed down between generations. Based on what we understand about epigenetics, ancestral karma could even be hardwired into your DNA. So healing your DNA with 528 Hz frequencies is of utmost importance.

Solfeggio Purification Tone 741 Hz 

  • 741 Hz is an ancient Solfeggio tone that has incredible healing power. The 741 Hz tone encourages the body to enter a state of self-healing and purification. It helps relieve stress, cleanse the body of toxins, and improve overall mental and physical health.

The 741 Hz frequency can help clear emotional blockages, ease your frustrations, and improve your confidence. This powerful frequency can help you hone your intuition, improve your communication skills, and expand your creativity.

No headphones are needed for this track.

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