Child’s Sleep Meditation


Product Description

Our Child’s Sleep Meditation is a lovely track to help kids release the events of their day.


Let our “Child’s Sleep Meditation” help your child heal and be soothed to sleep.  Kid’s lives can be so stressful now and often they don’t feel they can talk about it.

This meditation helps them to understand that if someone was mean to them today, that was about the day the other person was having…not about them. It encourages letting go of the negativity they encountered during the day and brings awareness that they can heal as they sleep, waking up feeling better in the morning.

This simple Guided Meditation is suitable for ages 7+ and features an Australian Accent in the voice of the Guide.

This track uses “Deep Healing Delta Sleep” from Thinkroot Meditation as the background however, we had the track altered for this specific purpose, reducing the number and length of frequencies in it so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that it is “Child Safe”.

Rather than carry frequencies all the way through, we decided to contain them to the first 15 minutes. After the meditation ends at 11 minutes, the music continues to 30 minutes, allowing your child time to drift off to sleep peacefully. This track includes a comforting heartbeat to help promote a feeling of safety.

For the technically minded parents….The first 15 minutes (only) of this track includes:


Delta Binaural Beats & Monaural Beats

432 Hz Carrier Frequency

4 Hz to 1 Hz (gradually decreases)


Epsilon Monaural Beats

528 Hz Carrier Frequency

0.5 Hz to 0.1 Hz (gradually decreases)

We sprinkled the Epsilon Waves so they fade in and out during the first 15 minutes.

The binaural beats encoded in the heartbeat (in the original track) and water has been removed. You’ll still hear these sounds, but they do not include delta waves.

As this track includes both Binaural and Monaural beats, it is your child’s choice as to wearing headphones or not. With headphones your child will receive the healing benefits of both types of beats, without headphones they will receive the benefits of Monaural Beats only. As it is a sleep track, we suggest you try without headphones.

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