Morning Meditation With Alpha


Product Description

Our “Morning Meditation” has a background of lively and upbeat music, containing 396Hz.


Morning Meditation With Alpha also has Binaural Beats in the Alpha Waves Frequency Range. This is not laying down music, it will make you want to get up and dance!

The track is 23 minutes long but your purchase includes a 10 minute version for those who have less free time.

396 Hz Transforms Guilt, Grief and Fear etc into Joy & Positive Feelings.


396Hz is perfect to release guilt, and grief, as well as letting go of your fears and helping you to find joy instead of absorbing negativity. When we are full of guilt and fear, it can stop us from living fully in the now.  Allow this meditation and music to help you let that go. Understand that no-one else’s life improves if you are unhappy.

You can choose to remain calm within your own energy – IF you can find it!


The alpha wave frequency range promotes greater spiritual awareness. Alpha Waves also bring a greater sense of flow and being in alignment with the universe. Alpha encourages understanding of the bigger picture, which can be very helpful in remembering who you are. When you are surrounded by negativity, you can choose to remain calm within your own energy. IF you can find it! Sometimes the “noise” around you can make finding yourself difficult. That is the perfect time to listen to this lively meditation, and get centered within yourself.

A Perfect Morning Routine For Balance


Listening to this meditation in the morning – or as you walk, run or dance is the perfect formula for improving your sense of self and well-being. Allow ‘Morning Meditation With Alpha’ to help you enjoy your days, being in your own energy. In times where you seem to be losing yourself, listen to the 10 minute track twice daily.

Because this meditation track contains Binaural Beats, you will need to listen through headphones. As it is in the Alpha Brainwave Frequency Range, it is perfect for walking or hiking etc. It is probably even great for gardening – and housework. I think it will make your hips move and you will find yourself dancing.

Do not have any particular expectation as you play this track. It is better if you just forget about what is happening and enjoy the meditation. This puts you in the flow of your soul’s intentions. Your soul knows best exactly what you need.

Please listen with headphones to reap the benefits of the Binaural Beats.

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