Loving You With 528Hz


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Let Loving You With 528Hz help You Begin Your Own Personal Inward Journey


Loving You with 528Hz is a lovely guided meditation. It is specifically designed to help you relax, connect with your own essence, and cultivate self-love.  Beautiful music and a calming voice guides you through the process of embracing yourself.  As an added boost, we also infused it with the healing frequency of 528Hz.

528 Hz is known for enhancing self-love and promoting cellular repair and DNA healing. It is also known for helping to heal deep-seated patterns of self-doubt and self-loathing. 528Hz is often referred to as ‘The Miracle Tone’ and is one of the ancient Solfeggio Healing Frequencies. These mysterious frequencies are said to have been hidden for generations by the Vatican. Since they resurfaced, much research has been done, proving the effectiveness of healing frequencies in various ways after only 5 minutes of listening time.

528Hz for example assists DNA in absorbing more UV light, which in turn helps heal damaged or broken DNA strands. The implications of healing DNA for your future generations are mind boggling!

Many Healing Methods are Simpler Than You know


We tend to overlook the simple things when it comes to self-healing, like;

  • Good clean water, which cleanses and nourishes our cells and all our body parts. Plumps up our organs and discourages atrophy.
  • Breathing in fresh air, deeper than the shallow breathing you normally do. This helps expel toxins, relaxes your mind, body and emotions and reduces stress.
  • Exercise encourages you to sweat, thereby flushing out toxins and negativity, reducing stress, helps you burn off feelings like anger, fear and apathy.
  • Meditation helps you to push that all important “RESET” button. It is proven that it only takes about 5 minutes to start over.
  • Sleep is the time when your body does its deep cycle maintenance like balancing your hormones and supporting tissue regrowth and healing.
  • Good Quality Fresh Food – without chemicals, non GMO, actually eating food in the way nature intended us to. Ingesting less chemicals etc means your body has less to deal with and less to spend its energy healing night after night.

If we paid more attention to ourselves and what our bodies were asking for, people in many countries would enjoy better health in general. Think about it, when you aren’t feeling good, what do you crave? Good food, water, fresh air, a comfortable temperature, less stress and sleep. Give these things to your body before you get to crisis point and you may never reach it.

You may also like our Improve Health Meditation or our Health and Healing Energy Bundle, both of which incorporate exercise into your meditation.

This meditation is a powerful tool to help you take the first step towards loving yourself and making positive changes in your life.

You do not need to wear headphones for the healing benefits of this track.

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