Increase Joy And Happiness


Product Description

Increase Joy And Happiness is 14 minutes of lovely music with a really light and uplifting tone. It features fairly high pitched bells which seem to raise my sense of joy and happiness all on their own. It is truly a pleasure to listen to.

This gorgeous Audio Healing Session includes Theta wave binaural beats which promote creativity and inner peace. The entire track is tuned to Gamma frequency to help increase your levels of joy and happiness.

I find the mix of different healing frequencies in this lovely music makes me feel more positive. The different musical elements within this track will keep you wondering what is coming next! There are so many things in this delightful track.

Let the power of music help you heal and shift your focus

Remember the old saying – “Music soothes the savage beast”? People throughout the ages have known that music has incredible healing effects. It has the ability to lighten the mood and shift the energies of those who listen to it. Music alone has incredible healing powers. It is able to touch us deeply and bring us to profound realizations.

In this, and all of the music brought to us by Kara Square at Thinkroot Meditation, we are showered with many different healing aspects in every track. Even her music without added frequencies is still healing in nature.

Please wear headphones to experience the full effects of the binaural beats.

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