Conscious Breath Guided Meditation


Product Description

It all starts with your breath!

A very simple guided meditation for beginners to bring them to awareness of their breath.

This also a beginner track in the sense that we have infused it with Solfeggio tone 528Hz which is known for promoting self love and healing in every possible way.

Your breath is the life-blood of your body. Without it, we don’t last long. Your breath is an important cleansing and healing tool and it is right within you and it is free.

The deeper you breathe, the deeper you cleanse. Many blockages can be cleared out simply by breathing more deeply and focusing on the breath as you do.

Allow this short guided meditation to take you on a journey introducing you to your breath and creating a new awareness within you.

This Healing Audio Session has been infused with The Solfeggio Miracle Tone of 528 Hz, known for:

  • encouraging self love
  • healing you at every level
  • proven to help your body heal its damaged DNA strands
  • proven to work in as little as 5 minutes listening time

Allow this short, simple meditation to assist you by getting you started on your road to self love and inner healing.

No headphones are required to reap the healing benefits of this track.

This track continues into “Loving You with 528Hz” Guided Meditation track


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