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Product Description

Soothe Your Mind and Body with “Peaceful Nights” If you’re having trouble falling asleep or just need a moment of relaxation, “Peaceful Nights” is here to help. This calming, instrumental track features soft, evolving synths and ethereal bells, creating a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere. It’s perfect for relaxation, meditation, yoga, studying, and stress relief. With its low, pulsing bass and gentle melodies, “Peaceful Nights” will help you unwind and drift off into a peaceful slumber. This track is also ideal for a quick, silent meditation, providing a moment of calm and clarity in your day.

Incorporate “Peaceful Nights” into your bedtime routine or use it anytime you need a little extra relaxation. With its positive and uplifting vibes, it’s sure to help you find a better balance in your life and improve your overall health.

“Peaceful Nights” is a music-only track, with no frequencies added, making it easy to listen to anytime, anywhere. It’s a beautiful creation from Kara Square of Thinkroot Meditation at Thinkroot Records, infused with love and healing intention. So go ahead and give it a try – you’ll feel better in no time.


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