Sounds Of Night With 528Hz


Product Description

Sounds of Night With 528Hz is a Healing Audio Session that can do far more than help you unwind and relax.


The combination of nature sounds and gentle flute melodies in Sounds of Night with 528 Hz creates a soothing and calming atmosphere. Let this Healing Audio Session help you relax your mind and body. This version of the track also includes the frequency of 528Hz.  528 Hz is the perfect frequency to help you start your personal inward journey. Let this beautiful healing frequency support your self awareness, your self acceptance and promote self love.

Let the Solfeggio “Miracle Tone” help erase your karma


This frequency, known as the Solfeggio “Miracle Tone”  is proven to promote healing at every level, right down to your DNA. That means it can even help to release karmic patterns. Karmic issues can be very troubling for people as generally they are not understood. Karmic influences are stamped into your DNA, so releasing them requires the deep reach of 528 Hz. This is why it is called the Miracle Tone, nothing is beyond its reach.

Allow your issues to surface and feel – instead of thinking.


As you listen to this music, you may find that your emotions begin to surface. The effect is different from person to person. I often find that when I listen to 528 Hz I cry. It is frequently just a short release of built up emotion and I feel better afterwards. Mostly I have no clue what it relates to, its just feeling that needs to be felt. This is very important. Needing to know what everything is about can stop the flow of your healing process.  What happens here is that you leave the realm of feelings as you enter your thought processes to try to figure it out. This stops the release of feelings dead in its tracks. Just let things move through you. If you need to know, you will.

Immerse yourself deeply and begin the journey that leads to finding balance and inner peace.

Overall, Sounds of Night With 528Hz is a beautiful, calming music track that can provide a range of benefits for your physical and emotional health. Whether you need to relax, sleep, or simply find some inner peace, this track is a powerful tool for promoting relaxation and healing.

You do not need headphones to reap the healing benefits of this track. Only play once in 24 hours at the beginning while you get used to healing frequencies.

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