Calm Consciousness


Product Description

Clear your mind and de-stress with the healing frequencies of Calm Consciousness

Calm Consciousness is a ten-minute track that will allow your body to relieve itself of the stress accumulated during the day.

Perfect for meditating, this healing music will slowly open your mind to positive thoughts. It can also help you relax your muscles and slow your breathing, without dissipating your goal-oriented awareness.

This type of brainwave entrainment is proven to redirect your attention to the one thing that matters most, you, without starting an internal dialogue.

It will teach you how to be self-aware, embrace peace, and absorb positive energy from wherever you are.

It’s the best choice for when you’re experiencing work anxiety, or for creative blockages.

The science behind 432Hz and Beta waves

Calm Consciousness is a blend of 432 Hz isochronic tones and low beta waves in 14 Hz. The first is known to produce a calming and comforting feeling, while the low beta waves work by increasing your concentration and awareness.

Together they become a soothing experience for meditation, a short work time-out, or on the go that will not numb your mind.

It will help your thoughts to realign, and maybe everything that didn’t make sense before will show itself after a reset.

Features of your Calm Consciousness session

432 Hz to create a calm and comforting state of mind and relieve stress

Isochronic Tones to help with concentration

Low Beta waves in 14 Hz to help with problem-solving and logic

Gamma waves in 30 Hz for information processing and self-love

Binaural Beats in 14 Hz to reduce your anxiety

*Purchase includes a monaural beats version. Headphones are not required in order to enjoy the beneficial effects.

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